Affordable Office Spaces

Your business needs a professional touch, and an affordable office rental space is just the thing to push your company to new heights.

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Affordable Office Spaces

Let your business shine with an office rental space from The Exchange at Decatur. We offer a variety of affordable office rental spaces that can fit any business needs. With both large and small office sizes available, we can help you find affordable office rental space that fits your budget as well as your operational requirements.

Salon Rentals

The Exchange at Decatur offers an extensive array of hair salon rental spaces for your beauty business. Whether you are looking to branch out as your own stylist or work with a team of beauty experts, we can find hair studio space that will fit you and your clients’ needs.

A Personalized Approach with Every Customer

The Exchange at Decatur is dedicated to helping you, our customer, find that perfect space to operate. We know how important location and visibility is to your business and we take great strides to match a rental space to your business needs. We take a personalized approach with our customers so that you feel comfortable in making a decision to rent from us.

Office Space Rentals

decatur-office-rentals-homeYour business needs a professional touch, and an affordable office rental space is just thing to push your company to new heights. The Exchange at Decatur offers a variety of office rental spaces in a series of footprints and layouts designed to meet the requirements of your business.

Our office rental spaces are affordable and can fit within any size budget. Many of our office spaces start out at only $350 a month. Plenty of features and amenities are included with these office rental spaces, giving you additional convenience with a new location.

Take advantage of the accessibility that Decatur offers and choose an office rental space in the center of the city or around town. The choice is yours, and we can help tailor a space to your direct business needs, so you have all the functionality and features you need to operate.

Our affordable office rental spaces are perfect for business owners looking to expand their operations or provide a permanent location for clients to visit. We take great pride in the appearance of our office rental spaces and make every effort to ensure they are properly maintained and looking professional at every turn. Lush green landscaping will welcome your customers while interiors are designed to offer modern and appealing décor to make your clients feel right at home.

You’ll find the perfect spot for your business with an affordable office rental space through The Exchange at Decatur. Make your business dreams a reality with an office rental space designed just for you.

Salon Rentals

decatur-salon-rentals-homeThe Exchange at Decatur offers an extensive range of salon rentals at prices you can afford. With a large array of salon spaces available in a range of footprints, you’ll find a rental location that works for your beauty business. We have convenient locations in Decatur with plenty of accessibility and visibility.

You’ll find our hair salon rental spaces inviting, stylish, and appealing – as will your clients. You’ll be at the cutting edge with a hair salon rental space in one of our attractive locations. Invite your clients to a new atmosphere that evokes relaxation and professionalism. We offer waiting areas and all the services you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Your beauty business will grow leaps and bounds as you become your own boss and treat your clients to all the services you have dreamed of offering. From cuts to colors, you’ll be able to give your clients the services they deserve in a private setting that includes all the amenities you are accustomed to and more.

Ample parking, 24/7 access, and washer and dryers are just some of the features you can expect with our high-end hair salon rentals. They are designed with hair stylists in mind and can also be converted for other beauty services, giving you plenty of flexibility in the services you offer. There is something for everyone here, we promise!

Allow your business to thrive in Decatur with a hair salon rental space designed just for you. Look no further than The Exchange at Decatur for the location of your next hair studio. We have what you are looking for and so much more!


The Exchange at Decatur is your go-to source for affordable office and salon space rentals. We are a fixture in the city of Decatur and know the history and market of the area.

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